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Hi, I’m Melissa Gibson Smith, and my passion-child is Liberated Wholistic Living. Melissa Smith - Liberated Wholistic Living

I’m a former culinary professional. While I have spent much of my adult life in New York City and Los Angeles, CA., I have returned to my Georgia roots. Liberated Wholistic Living is available online or at Bluebelle Mercantile, on Airport Thruway in Columbus, GA.

Since many of my family members have skin sensitivities, I grew up experimenting with a variety of skin products with my family in rural Georgia. I love nature, organic products, food, and essential oils, so I combine them in the products that I make.  Natural clays are known for their beautiful colors and purifying properties and incorporate them into many of my coconut oil bath bombs.  All of my products are hand-crafted in small batches using beautiful ingredients.